Solong The Dragon

Enter the realm of Solong The Dragon, a crypto memecoin inspired by the revered Dragon, symbolizing strength and prosperity in Chinese lore.

As we approach the Year of the Dragon, Solong invites you to join the journey, where the power of the dragon meets the world of decentralized finance on the swift and mighty wings of Solana.

Contract: 4MBEqrtgabZ9G5EmKm7XTrcknZ1nWg3TrvFHZMrENgrd


In the sacred scrolls of the crypto Dojo, the legend of Solong The Dragon, unfolds, a tale woven with the threads of the mighty Dragon’s power and the vibrant energy of Solana’s blockchain. Venture into the heart of our story and discover the essence of Solong, where the spirit of the Dragon intertwines with the strength of community and the efficiency of Solana.



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NFT Collection

We will launch a limited NFT collection of 888 SOLONG Dragons with unique attributes, available for minting at 0,25 SOL only. The top 888 holders of SOLONG will get early bird access before everyone else.

Burn Events

To celebrate our key milestones, we will buyback & burn certain amounts of tokens to reduce circulating supply. Our objective is to burn at least 24% of supply by the end of 2024.

Merch Store

Discover our unique collection of Tee-shirts, Hoodies and Caps for sale starting from 0.5 SOL only. A special giveaway will be planned every month to reward our top 3 active community members.


Phase 1

Phase 2

Phase 3


Join Solong The Dragon community now! There’s something for everybody. Follow along, chat on Telegram, or read up on what we’re doing. Come explore our tale where the dragon spirit mixes with community strength and Solana’s efficiency.

Solong The Dragon community is so cool, so funny and so strong!

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